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White Print | Resort 2023

New iterations of bestsellers in a neutral color palette are conceived for the collection titled White Print by Harithand.


The resort 2023 collection White Print is a first-line representation of the brand’s quintessential designs. Harith Hashim draws upon some of the definite codes that resonate most with his clientele, reinterpreting them a new.

Wanting to solely focus on the strength of the Harithand woman, garments were stripped down to a monochrome palette. The selection of looks, which is inspired by some of the brand’s most coveted pieces, is reimagined in a neutral color scheme — where the woman takes center stage.

Sharp tailoring, fluid silhouettes and silken plumed fabrics are characteristics that have cemented the designer’s affinity to women. Such codes are spotlighted and further enhanced in the brand’s latest offerings. The design ideals that have drawn women to Harithhand are at the center of the collection, propelling White Print to come into being.