The Resort 24 collection Sheer Codes is about subtly marking ones presence with reserved sophistication.
Models are clad in a ubiquitous palette of cream and off-white for a collection imbued with bridal elegance, however Sheer Codes is dedicated to every woman leveling up and advancing her life goals. A polished yet understated style mirrors the way in which a woman, deftly and quietly achieving her ambitions, inspires designer Harith Hashim. The designs of Harithand are rooted in a modern femininity that is expressing a certain authority. Seeing that the true meaning of power dressing lies in a reputation that speaks for itself — being recognized for your own successes — an effortlessly confident look seems to be the best pronouncement of style. The sharply tailored, clean lined, silky, body skimming looks serve as a testament to Hashim being a true proponent of confidence with ease and high style minimalism.