Expanding on the esthetics and poetic simplicity of the most recent Harithand collections, looks from Spring Summer 24 masterfully reimagine silhouettes from the 1970s distinct to New York City. A signature style, arising more cohesively with every collection, cements the commitment of Harith Hashim to delivering garments with an unassuming grandeur. Amplifying confidence through dress, the Harithand woman sets a precedent in advancing whatever vision she has of herself.

Waves of body skimming dresses emerge, some draping, others twisting, while a distinct wraparound blouse fastened to pants by cloth buttons cascades in a sensuous flow of silk. A two-tone magenta and crimson gown punctuates the all around reposeful to the eye color palette and features a chic high scoop neckline. Framing and flattering to the feminine form, Hashim builds on the enduring modern glamour of the time, while also introducing new sumptuous jewelry pieces akin to marine life. Gold plated seashell earrings seize one's attention, adding a heightened dose of opulence to the polished perfection of the garments.